When we use money, any kind of money, in this borderless World,we need to use it constantly, and it is where exchanges come to play a role. With cryptos, as any type of money, the game is the same one..

As we all know, just a few people in the planet uses crypto, and Fiat money is the most used money today, this pushes exchange services as a must-be-used service for crypto users, no matter how each one of us uses crypto everyday.

There are many exchanges and many types of exchanges, there are big ones, small ones, global, local, robust, unknown, legal, kind of legal, serious, scams, centralized , decentralized, custodial, non custodial, with KYC, without KYC, anyway, too many options out there, right? If someone desires to get into crypto must learn basics about exchanges, no matter what.

In my personal experience as a 100% crypto freelancer living in a country with many political and financial restrictions, I have found a few very good options to exchange my crypto earnings into local Fiat money for everyday use.

Today I will write about one of them, ChangeNow and how it works for me, maybe this one can help you too.

Our biggest problem here in my country is we are banned for international financial transactions, we can not use credit cards for international purchases or payments for example, and some big exchanges like Coinbase don´t allow us to use their services at the moment. Like this one, some other exchanges leave us out of the game.

Other big exchanges like Binance, HitBTC, MXC allow us to trade in their platform with some restrictions, we can not «buy crypto» assets with Fiat options, and we can not get Fiat out of them either. Our options list is short.

Well, looking for real options for me I found a very interesting one, ChangeNOW, it is a swap service, very fast, easy to use and affordable for people like me, living with political and financial restrictions. I found out ChangeNow has a broad list of assets in its platform, with very good exchange rates.

In Change NOW one of my favorite features is the direct way to make a trade, I choose cryptos I want to trade, I send from my wallet the crypto I want to trade and I receive the one I want in my wallet in 30 minutes or less, no buy orders, no sell orders, no trading knowledge needed, sometimes a short verification steps and guys, this is time and effort saving for me. Many exchanges use «sell and buy orders» for each trade, and when I saw this first time, it was very confusing for me as a new user, and sometimes it could be still confusing.

How does this work in other exchanges? An user must register in the platform first. In these exchanges users have to log in with a user/password, to give personal info  to pass KYC before use it. These are time consuming tasks, this can take several minutes or days before any user can start trading. And when user is allowed, he/she needs to transfer funds, study prices, study graphs, open orders, wait for order execution, again, time consuming tasks. Finally, when exchange is done, the user must comply with withdrawal requirements (minimum, fee, time, confirmations…). it is not a easy road.

When i need a fast trade, with a good rate definitely I use ChangeNOW, it is fast, it is good, it is easy. My money is in my wallet in 30 minutes max. What else could I ask?

I invite you to check ChangeNOW´s website, and Twitter , go and use it, try it, you will have a new effective option in your crypto tools.

Did I tell you ChangeNOW has a very amazing android mobile app? You can check it or download it here

ChangeNOW has a lot more to offer, this is just one of its many features and services, I will be posting about them in future posts.

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